The challenges facing bottom up planning process in Korogwe town council in Tanzania

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Journal of Public Administration and Governance
This paper focuses on the main challenges facing participation in the bottom up planning processes at Korogwe Town Council (KTC). The study used 329 respondents and employed interviews, informal discussion, observation, and documentary reviews to gather data. Mainly narration and content analyses were used to scrutinize all data. The findings show that there were: inadequate community participation in planning at KTC due to lack of motivation and training, shortage of staff, lack of funds, inflexibility, irresponsibility, and lack of council mechanism for participation. Consequently, there was low level of community members participating in bottom up planning process. In order to encourage more people to be part of planning process, among other things, there is need to improve (or introduce) motivation to and training of community members, leaders and officers for effective bottom up participation participate.
A research paper submitted to the Journal of Public Administration and Governance, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2018
participation challenges, planning process, bottom up planning, town council, Tanzania