The role of green human resource management practices on environmental management in Tanzanian industries: Lessons from Mohammed enterprises Tanzania limited

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Science Journal of Business and Management
In the last few years, global concerns have increased regarding environmental issues. These concerns generated more pressure and necessitated businesses and industries to develop and use green management by adopting green practices and products. Green HRM practices have emerged to be one of effective management initiatives in environmental management. Tanzania intends to be a semi-industrialized country and the government has been showing recommendable efforts to ensure that the goal is successfully achieved. In considering industrialization process in Tanzania there is a need to look for best practices in dealing with the side effects of industrialization to ensure that the process does not only benefit the economy but also protects the planet earth. This study used a case study design to learn how industries use Green HRM practices to ensure that their operations do not lead to environmental degradation. The study found that green recruitment and selection, green training, green performance management and green rewards management are essential in environmental management. The study recommends industries to formalize and adopt green human resource management practices in order to increase environmental management performance for successful industrialization of the Tanzania economy.
A research paper submitted to the Science Journal of Business and Management,Vol.8, No. 2 of June 2020, pg. 576-63
Environmental Management, Green HRM, Green Management, Tanzania, Green Economy