Assessment of the factors influencing shortage of health care providers in rural and remote public health facilities in Morogoro Region

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Mzumbe University
Severe shortage of qualified health workers in rural and remote public health facilities in the workforce in many low income countries including Tanzania require the national health sector management to closely monitor and address issues related to the distribution of health workers across various types of health facilities. This dissertation discusses the factors influencing shortage of health care providers in rural public health facilities in Tanzania. A Qualitative research design was used to elicit in depth information on health workers preferences for workplace. Data were obtained from 29 respondents who filled semi structured questionnaires and 8 respondents who were indepthly interviewed. Respondents involved in this study were health care providers in cadres of Clinical Officers, Nurses and Laboratory Technicians and Members of District Council Health Management Team. The study found out that there is a substantial shortage healthcare provider in Kilosa District. This shortage was associated with poor working environment, poor motivation strategies to attract health care providers to work in rural public health facilities, low job motivation, and low monetary compensations (allowances). Health workers acknowledged that they have hard working environment and they don’t have enough time to rest because of overloaded tasks. This study observed that decisions of health care providers to choose or not choosing to work in rural public health facilities among other things depends mainly on one’s job satisfaction, motivation, career decisions, relationships with others and personal health. Job satisfaction of healthcare workers is also an essential part of ensuring high quality care and there is evidence of a positive correlation between job satisfaction and patient satisfaction
Dissertation submitted in partial requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Human Resource (Msc. HRM) of Mzumbe University
Rural health care management, Public health facilities - Tanzania, Health workers