Assessment of work-stress among Public Sector Employees in Tanzania: A Case study of the Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters (MoHA), Tanzania

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Mzumbe Unversity
The study aimed at assessing the level of work - related stress and how it impacts the organization performance. The specific objectives of the study were to identify the causes of work stress among employees in the Ministry of Home Affairs, to identify the work related stress level of employees in the Ministry of Home Affairs in Tanzania, to assess the possible effects of stress on Job performances in the Ministry of Home Affairs in Tanzania and to suggest strategies that can be employed to reduce the effect of stress in the Ministry of Home Affairs in Tanzania. In this study data were collected using a questionnaire survey and interview method where the sample size of the study was 56 respondents. The study was conducted at the Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters, Dar es Salaam. The study findings revealed that there is high level of stress among public sectors employees which affect work performance. This work – related stresses were caused by many factors such as poor pay, too much work, lack of recognition of employees performance, failure of recognizing employees skills and profession, lack of promotions and poor working environment. The study findings also revealed that there were many effects associated with high level of stress among employees including poor work performance, frequencies of absenteeism, frequent sick leaves and many endless complaints which if not attended can erode employee morale and result into poor work performance. The major limitation of the study is based on data collection. Respondents were busy with their daily ethos and could not answer questionnaires within the time so researcher had to use extra time to persuade them and much energy to collect questionnaires. Also some of the respondents were not ready to be recorded during interview which costed much researcher’s time. It is generally recommended that the government should take serious measures to eradicate/reduce stress among its employees because if not attended can result into poor employee performance among work organizations
Dissertation report submitted to Mzumbe University Business School in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Degree of Masters of Science Human Resource Management (MSc. HRM) of Mzumbe University
Work-stress, Public sector employees, Ministry of home affairs-Tanzania