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Welcome to the Accounting and Finance Community at the School of Business, Mzumbe University (SoB MUIR)! Our Institutional Repository is a central hub for academic excellence, featuring a wide range of research, theses,dissertations, and contributions from our faculty and students. We focus on the latest in financial management, accounting, and economic trends, encouraging researchers, students, and professionals to explore our work. Our community is dedicated to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and highlighting our achievements in accounting and finance. Join us as we contribute to the evolving field of financial education and research.


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  • Explore the forefront of research with the School of Business at Mzumbe University through our Conference and Workshop Papers collection, available in the Institutional Repository. This collection highlights the innovative research, collaborative efforts, and multidisciplinary approaches undertaken by our academic staff, researchers, and students, presented at various academic forums. It serves as a resource for academics, researchers, and anyone interested in the latest insights and developments in business studies, promoting a culture of continuous learning and collaboration.