Influence of school inspection on students’ performance in Tanzania: A case of public primary schools in Karatu District Council

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Mzumbe University
The study dealt with Influence of School Inspection on Students’ Performance in Tanzania: a case of Public Primary Schools in Karatu District Council. The main objective of the study was to investigate the impact of school inspection on students’ performance in PSLE of public primary schools in Karatu District Council. Specifically, the study intended, to investigate the contribution of frequent school inspection to students’ performance in PSLE in Karatu District Council, to examine the effect of school inspection to teaching and learning process in public primary schools and assess educational stakeholders’ perceptions on outcomes of school inspection in public primary schools in Karatu District Council. The study involved nine public primary schools selected purposely according to their examination performance in PSLE. From empirical literature reviewed it was seen that school inspection in some extent has impact on students’ performance, also the study applied the systems theory. The study used purposive sampling to obtain key informants and random sampling to select school committee members, teachers, and non-teaching staff where a total of 85 respondents were involved in the study. The research used a case study design whereby both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. Data collection tools such as questionnaire, interview, focus group discussion and documentary review were used. The findings revealed that school inspection has great effects on students’ performance in primary schools. The results showed that school inspection was done twice a year; this was the experience in three out of the nine selected schools and once a year in the remaining six schools. The study further exposed that schools which were inspected twice a year had a better examination performance in PSLE compared to those with less inspection. In addition, the findings show that schools which were inspected twice a year had a better teaching and learning strategies as measured by the number and quality of lesson plans, schemes of work, teaching and learning materials, and students’ exercise books than schools which received the inspection once a year. It was further found that education stakeholders were not aware on the outcomes of school inspection on examination performance. The study concludes that teaching and learning in schools need close supervision and monitoring. It is therefore recommends that schools should be regularly inspected to improve the performance in PSLE
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for ward of the Degree of Master of Arts in Education (MA-ED) of the Mzumbe University
School Inspection - Tanzania, Schools Investigation - Tanzania, Students Performance - Tanzania