Assessing the effectiveness of academic delivery in higher learning institutions in Tanzania: a case of three selected universities

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Mzumbe University
. This study assessed the effectiveness of academic delivery in higher learning institutions in Tanzania. The specific objectives included; to find out the extent do lecturers understand and apply instructional methodologies; to explore students‟ perception towards instructional methodologies; and to identify strategies that universities employ to foster effective teaching. The study used a descriptive research design employing a sample of 257 respondents who were obtained through simple random, stratified and purposive sampling techniques. Data were collected using focus group discussions, semi structured questionnaires, observation, and personal interviews. Thematic analysis was used to analyze qualitative data while quantitative data were analyzed using excel and results were presented using narratives and tables respectively. The findings indicate that, lecturers understand and apply both traditional and modern methods of teaching. It was noted that students understanding and preference on teaching methodologies vary among them. To ensure effective academic delivery, universities have established coordinating units; engage in collaborative projects and establish some relevant policies. It was also found that teaching and learning materials and facilities do not match with the number of lecturers and students leading to struggle to ensure that enough facilities are provided to support and promote effective teaching. The findings imply that, lecturers support students learning by preparing themselves before delivery of their lessons. On the other hand, universities are said to be supporting teaching for effective academic delivery through provision of teaching and learning materials. The study concluded that there are similar teaching practices and some variations among the studied universities. The study recommends the selected universities to establish frameworks to govern the day-to-day innovative teaching. This should be accompanied with sufficient provision of modern teaching and learning facilities as well as regular pedagogical training of academic staff.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education of the Mzumbe University
Academic delivery in higher learning institutions in Tanzania, Teaching methodologies for Lectures in Universities, Strategies that universities employ to foster effective teaching, Students‟ perceptions on instructional methodologies applied by lecturers