An assessment of English language academic performance in Tanzanian secondary schools: A comparative study of students from English and Kiswahili medium primary schools in Morogoro Municipality

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Mzumbe University
This study assessed the English language academic performance in secondaryschools comparing those students from EMPs and KMPs was conducted in Morogoro Municipality. It adopted a case study research design which focused in attaining qualitative data. Also, structured questionnaires and interviews were administrated to a sample of 60 participants comprising 4 Academic teachers, 8 English language teachers and 48 studentsfrom Form III and Form IV. The findings show that KMPs students have better performance in English subject than EMPs students. The average performance between the two groups (KMPs and EMPs) in all examinations‟ results from the year 2015 to 2018,have shown that KMPs students have a total average of 54.83% for good academic performance (A and B scores) as per this study. EMPs students own 37.65%. It is missed 7.52% to reach 100%. This missing percentage has been occupied by other students who scored C which was not categorized as high English subject performance by this study. Moreover, 75% of the teachers revealed that there are several challenges; including differences in students‟ ability to learn, poor students‟ classroom participation, shortage of teaching resources and lack of motivation. Finally, the participants gave some means on how to overcome the mentioned problems. These are emphasis on students to build a reading culture, teaching through participatory methods as well as provision of adequate funds for educational financing from the government. It is concluded that parents and guardians should provide actual support to enhance students‟ good academic performance in English language subject regardless of their primary schools‟ backgrounds. There should be a policy stating only one language to be used as the LOI and a subject in all levels of education. Likewise, further studies are recommended on assessing the factors contributing to poor performance of EMPs students in English subject at ordinary secondary schools.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in Education (M.A.ED) of Mzumbe University
Comparative Education-Morogoro Municipal, Comparative Studies- Morogoro Municipal, Academic Performance- Morogoro Municipal