Assessing the implementation of inclusive education in Tanzania’s primary schools: A case of Mbinga District in Ruvuma Region

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Mzumbe University
This study aimed at assessing the implementation of inclusive education in primary schools, through investigation the preparation of teachers towards inclusive education, examining the awareness of teachers on inclusive education as well as how teaching and learning process is in inclusive setting. The study also identified challenges that teachers face when implementing inclusive education. Constructivist theory and system theory were used. The study used qualitative approach using a case study design through observations, questionnaires and interviews tools by using manually analyzed content analysis in which codes, meaning and patterns were systematically developed from transcribed interviews based on the study objectives. Purposeful sampling technique used to select a total of 38 participants from 3 institutions, six tutors, one principal, and one academic teacher and fourteen pupils, and one specialist teacher. Additionally, the study included two heads of schools, one Special education needs officer and five regular and nine preservice teachers. Findings revealed that teachers were inadequately prepared for inclusive education. It was also found that all the teachers were aware of inclusive education at least at the level of understanding the concept of inclusive education. Teachers also demonstrated some inclusive based teaching and learning strategies. However, some challenges that hinder the implementation of inclusive education were revealed such as insufficient teaching and learning materials and number of students. Based on the analysis of findings it can be concluded that pre-service teachers are not well trained for inclusion as teacher educators face a lot of challenges even though practiced in a class strategy still the challenges occurs Lastly, the study summarized the all objectives, concluded the study by giving out the reflecting overview of findings and gives recommendation to authorities in order to overcome challenges and enhance the implementation of inclusive education in Tanzania's primary schools.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of Master of Arts in Education degree of Mzumbe University
Inclusive education, Awareness of teachers, Learning process, Implimenting inclusive education