Stakeholders’ perceptions on adoption of blended learning approach in selected secondary schools in Morogoro municipality

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Mzumbe University
The study explored the stakeholders‟ perceptions on the adoption of blended learning approach (BLA) in selected secondary schools in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania. Specifically, the study aimed to: determine stakeholders‟ knowledge and attitude on the adoption of blended learning approach in selected secondary schools; examine the learning environments which support the adoption of BLA in selected secondary schools; assess the extent to which the BLA is used in teaching and learning in selected secondary schools. The study employed a mixed-methods research approach and a case study design. A sample size of 74 respondents from two selected secondary schools was used to inform this study. Interviews, participant observation, questionnaires and documentary review were used to collect data. Quantitative data analysis was mainly descriptive and was done by the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), while the thematic content analysis was employed to analysis qualitative data. Findings reveal that stakeholders perceived the BLA as a teaching model of combining traditional and modern methods. It involves the use of computers, internet, projectors that help to provide appropriate learning materials within a limited learning time. Also, stakeholders had positive attitudes towards the contribution of BLA on students‟ meaningful learning. Moreover, it was found that BLA exposed students to real objects that support fast understanding, hence motivated learning through the use of audio-visual materials. The findings further show that the learning environment in the selected secondary schools was supportive to the adoption of blended learning. The application level of BLA was 60%., furthermore, two-third of the teachers were trained to use BLA. In conclusion, BLA is perceived to improve academic achievement through learning thus, the resolution to the challenges would promote its application in the classroom. It is commended that the government install necessary facilities that could support the use of BL in schools as per the curriculum demands.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Arts in Education (MAED) of Mzumbe University
Adoption of blended learning approach (BLA) in selected secondary schools, learning environments for blended students