Assessment of education stakeholders’ views on the provision of free education in Tanzanian schools: the case of selected ward secondary schools in Morogoro municipality

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Mzumbe University
The study intended to assess the education stakeholders’ views on the provision of free education in Tanzanian schools, specifically in ward secondary schools including Kolla Hill and Sumaye in Morogoro Municipality. It was based mainly on the education stakeholders’ views on motivation of teachers, the quality of education in academic performance, challenges and how to overcome them under the provision of free education. This study worked with 40 participants who include education stakeholders from two selected ward secondary schools known as Kolla Hill and Sumaye ward secondary schools. Questionnaires were used for 32 teachers; interviews were used for two heads of schools, two ward education officers and four parents, documentary review was used in administrative documents like National examinations results of form IV for three years from 2014/2015, 2015/2016 and 2016/2017, teachers’ files. This has shown that there is improvement of the quality of education in academic performance. Also, teacher’s files and school board meeting files showed how the motivation of teachers was provided before free education policy and after from which it has revealed that, teachers are less motivated in free education policy than in cost sharing system. Also, the results show that, under free education policy teachers are less motivated but rather parents and students who were not paying any contribution at school. However, free education policy brought some problems like over-enrolment of students, lower achievers students from primary schools, and misconception of parents about the provision of free education in ward secondary schools Morogoro municipality. Another problem is shortage of government budget in ward secondary schools to accommodate all necessary school requirements. The results of the study further show that there is improvement of performance and quality of education since free education started in 2016. Therefore, more education is needed to parents so as to make them aware of the implementation of free education policy in Morogoro municipality. The government budget is to be increased in schools for running school activities and motivating teachers and management of schools under the free education policy in Tanzania
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Science, in partial/fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Master of Arts with education (MAED) of Mzumbe University
Education policy, Free education