Exploring the role of theatre in empowering children: the case of Baba Watoto Centre in Dar es salaam, Tanzania

dc.contributor.authorEdward, Sophia
dc.descriptionA dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for award of the Degree of Master of Science in Development Policy (MSc. DP) of Mzumbe University
dc.description.abstractStakeholders are striving to improve the lives of children both in families as well as in streets. Such efforts are ongoing since the children are faced with unique challenges of their own. This research study was conducted as part of such efforts. The main objective of the study was to find out the role and prospects of Baba Watoto Centre in the Children’s Empowerment. The specific objectives were centred at describing the activities of Baba Watoto Centre, identifying elements of theatre in activities done by Baba Watoto Centre and lastly assessing the role of Theatre at Baba Watoto Centre in Children’s Empowerment. The study was conducted at Dar es Salaam Region, Kinondoni District, at Baba Watoto Centre, Mburahati area. Contextual analysis research configuration was embraced, whereby both organized and unstructured inquiries were connected to gather essential data and information from a chose test size of 30 respondents containing 20 kids, and 10 staff of Baba Watoto Centre. Further investigation, focus group thoughts and casual trek were led to get more subtleties of the essential overview findings. Auxiliary information was gotten through writing/archives survey from Baba Watoto office, Mzumbe University library and on the web. Subjective information investigation was utilized to get elucidating measurements, frequencies, rates and means while subjectively true data were acquired through Centre gathering discourse. The outcomes of this examination demonstrated that, Baba Watoto Centre is assuming a positive job in engaging kids through theatre. Children feels restored, protected, upbeat, freed and significant to the society. More involvement of various children will act as a means of talent recognition. Therefore, the study recommended, financial assistance to Centre, establishment of more Centre, government intervention and support, various stakeholders’ technical know-how skills on how to deal with children, so as to, enhance better performance of the Centre and a means to empower children.
dc.publisherMzumbe University
dc.subjectchildren's empowerment
dc.subjectchildren's centre
dc.titleExploring the role of theatre in empowering children: the case of Baba Watoto Centre in Dar es salaam, Tanzania
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