Communicative approach strategies to english language teaching in Tanzanian secondary schools: Are they really working?

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Mzumbe University
This study intended to examine the communicative approach strategies to teaching English language in Tanzanian secondary schools, and find out if they are really working. The study specifically intended to examine the application of CA Strategies to English Language Teaching, assess the extent to which CA strategies were used in ELT situation and lastly find out the effectiveness of CA teaching strategies in ELT. The study was conducted in Morogoro municipality involving five sampled schools obtained through random sampling. The study employed Questionnaires, Interviews and observation as methods of data collection. It involved a sample of 99 respondents comprising of 69 students, 20 English teachers, 05 History teachers and 05 Civics teachers. It involved a cross-sectional, case study research design; whereby data were collected from both secondary and primary sources once in a time. Data were analyzed through both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The findings revealed that to some extent the respondents do apply CA principles as the requirement of the competence based syllabus. It was also noted that many teachers are not competent in English language as they sometimes do mix Kiswahili and English when teaching. This is one of the sign of incompetence to some of them; this incompetence was also observed during the interview sessions. This shows the discrepancy between theory and practice in regard to our policy. It has been observed that students lack willingness in using English language at school, unless they are forced to do so. It can be concluded that the communicative approach strategies to ELT in Tanzanian secondary schools are somewhat working, it needs strategies and commitment by stakeholders to have them work effectively. The study made several recommendations, however in this abstract only the major ones have been presented as follows; students should be insisted to speak English all the time inside and outside the classrooms, English and other subject teachers should, as much as possible use English when teaching their subject except Kiswahili subject; the Government should ensure that schools are provided with sufficient teaching and learning resources so as to make CA successful; and the Government should also see to it that schools have enough teachers so that student‟s/ teacher‟s ratio can be brought down to 1:40 for effective implementation of CA strategies.
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillments of the requirements for award of the Degree of Master of Arts in Education (MAED) of the Mzumbe University
Communicative approach strategies, English language teaching, Tanzanian secondary schools