Assessment of teachers’ and parents’ role in promoting students’ discipline in community secondary schools in tanzania: A case of selected schools in Kilosa District

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Mzumbe University
The study aimed at assessing the teachers‟ and parents‟ role in promoting students‟ discipline in community secondary schools. Specific objectives were: to explore the status of discipline in community secondary schools; to identify the measures taken by teachers to promote students‟ discipline in schools; to find out the measures taken by parents to ensure students”/children’s discipline is promoted both at home and at school; to explore the collaboration between teachers and parents in promoting students‟ discipline; to investigate the challenges that teachers encounter when they deal with students‟ indiscipline; and lastly, to investigate the challenges that parents encounter when they deal with students‟ indiscipline. The study was guided by behaviour modification theory which emphasized the ways parents and teachers can apply to make students behave well in classrooms and at home. The study employed case study design adopting a qualitative approach holistically. It was carried out in some selected secondary schools in Kilosa district with a population of teachers and students‟ parents. The sample size of the study was sixty; thirty teachers and thirty parents. The sampling technique was purposive as only the teachers and parents were to be included in the study. Data collection methods included interviewing, focus group discussion and documentary review of letters, reports and rules and regulations as instruments. Findings revealed that the status of discipline in community secondary schools is bad. Many students engage in unsafe sexual relations, truancy, disrespect and wearing improper school uniforms. All these are acts of indiscipline. Collaboration between teachers and students‟ parents is not strong; it needs to be strengthened. Teachers and parents strive to take necessary measures to rescue students from immorality. The task of dealing with students‟ indiscipline is still very challenging to both teachers and parents. It is, therefore, recommended that teachers and students‟ parents should have strong and maximum cooperation to help to promote students‟ discipline. Teachers should become students‟ role models and also need to apply guidance and counseling to undisciplined students.
A Dissertation Submitted to Mzumbe University as a partial fulfillment of the requirements for Award of the Degree of Master of Arts in Education (MA - ED) of Mzumbe University
Discipline in community, Indiscipline, Community Secondary Schools, Guidance, Counselling