Statistics for Mzumbe University

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The effects of customer services on organisational performance: A case of KCB Bank Morogoro Municipality 100
Need assessment for the deployment of an Institutional Repository at Mzumbe University 94
Compensation for victims of sexual offences through criminal justice in Tanzania: a case for a human rights-based approach 79
Investigation of risk management in small and micro enterprises: A case study of Mwanakwerekwe Zanzibar 65
Factors to determine the adoption of online teaching in Tanzania’s universities during the COVID-19 pandemic 64
Factors affecting continuity in attending antenatal care services among pregnant women in Chemba district 63
Factors influencing the implementation of the lesson study approach in pre-service teacher education in Tanzania 57
The effectiveness of the disposal of Non-Current assets in the public sector, a case study of Tanzania Revenue Authority. 54
Determinants of interest rate spread in commercial banks: A case study of selected local and foreign banks in Tanzania 53
Capability, social capital and opportunity-driven graduate entrepreneurship in Tanzania 52