Reflection on e-learning system of the Mzumbe University in Tanzania: Successes, challenges and way forward

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International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology.
This paper explores the historical background of the Mzumbe University (MU)'s approach to e-learning since its inception in 2009. It reflects on the successes and challenges; lessons learnt from the MU experience and recommends a way forward. The paper is based on case study research, making the use of observation and secondary data generated from previous e-learning utilisation reports. It discusses trends in e-learning system adoption, deployment, implementation and utilisation at the MU. Findings indicate that awareness of the e-learning system, adoption rate and use have been increasing, leading to significant results such as receiving extensive coverage in the university agenda such that campaigns on its utilisation have been evident. Moreover, the results show the existence of some critical challenges including limited Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) infrastructure, inadequate ICTs didactical skills among students and teachers, lack of technical expertise in digital content design and production, as well as over-reliance on the traditional philosophy of teaching and learning. Based on the findings, it is recommended to encourage continuous user support, going beyond uploading and downloading the University's strategic policies. Despite the observed e-learning successes, the MU is still in need of an adequate, advanced and quality range of 21st century teaching and learning skills among teachers and students.
This article submitted to the International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology, Vol. 16. No. 2 of 2020, pg. 109-121.
Foreign Countries, Educational Technology, Teaching Skills, Integrated Learning Systems