Curbing electoral expenses malpractices in Tanzania: An assessment of election expenses act of 2010

dc.contributor.authorMrango, Karen
dc.descriptionA Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for Award of the Degree of Masters of Constitutional and Administrative Law of Mzumbe University
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research was to assess the Election Expenses Act 2010 on how it curbs election expenses malpractices. In order to assess this researcher categorized the research paper into five chapters. This research paper was conducted in Dar es Salaam because relevant offices regarding Election Expenses Act, 2010 are situated in Dar es Salaam. The objectives of this research were to examine the laws on electoral expenses and the extent to which they have succeeded to solve the election financing problem during elections, to determine the extent to which the electoral expenses laws and practices can curb election expenses malpractices in Tanzania and to determine which changes should be made to election expenses act 2010 to make the law more effective. The research used both primary and secondary methods of data collection from twenty two respondents. The use of these two methods was for the purposes of more information. The result of the study shows that the Election Expenses Act 2010 is ineffective to curb election expenses malpractices. The reasons for the above conclusion is the lack of political willingness of the government, non-compliance of the law by the candidates and political parties, financial constrains to the ORPP so as to implement the law, overlapping of functions between NEC and ORPP, lack of clarity of the law, lack of manpower and tools to implement the law and lack of civic education. These circumstances have made the election expenses act 2010 not to function according to the objective and aim behind its establishment. The study recommends for amendment of the law to provide clear definitions, increase the penalties, the disclosure of party finances should be mandatory and published so as the public could see, more civic education should be provided, the ORPP should be establish sub-offices all over the country due to the magnitude of their work.
dc.description.sponsorshipMzumbe University
dc.publisherMzumbe University
dc.titleCurbing electoral expenses malpractices in Tanzania: An assessment of election expenses act of 2010
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