Factors contributing to low National Health Insurance Coverage in Tanzania : A case of Dodoma City Council

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Mzumbe University
The study investigated factors associated with low NHIF coverage in Tanzania, a descriptive Cross-sectional survey design was used to study a total of 385 respondents residing in Dodoma city Council. The study focused on SME”s mainly Motor cyclist (Bodaboda), Mama ntilie”s , Peasants as well as employees in private sector. Data was collected using pretested coded questionnaire and analyzed through the facilitation of SPSS. Data were presented using pie charts and frequency tables. The study revealed that increase of awareness through education and numerous channel of community sensitization plays a significant role in accelerating enrollment to NHIF (P = 0.005 ). That is to say the current low NHIF coverage is mainly attributed by low level of education and community sensitization for in-depth understanding of the NHIF concept as well as different packages it offers to the community to choose basing on their economic power. Other factors studied seemed not to be a reason for low enrollment to the NHIF, these included ability to pay membership fee (P= 0.657), Quality of medical services offered to NHIF beneficiaries (P = 0.770), NHIF being Voluntary rather than mandatory (P = 0.085) and lack of trust to NHIF managers (P = 0.600) The study recommends that NHIF should develop a well-structured and numerous community awareness and sensitization programs ranging from National to local Government levels, this programs should be persistent to ensure that the community gains in-depth understanding of the NHIF concept and the different packages offered by NHIF .The study recommends further multicenter research to have a wide coverage of respondents for more understanding of the bottleneck toward rapid NHIF enrollment
A Dissertation Submitted to Dar- es - Salaam Campus College in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Master of Business Administration in Corporate Management (MBA-CM) Degree of Mzumbe University
National health insurance, Expected utility theory, Neo- classical welfare economic theory, Theory of demand of health insurance, National health insurance fund, Social insurance, Private health insurance, Microfinance insurance scheme